The Aarhus Reproducibility and Open Science (AROS) Seminar aims bringing together researchers interested in the topic of open science. The seminar focuses on open science as transparent and accessible knowledge that is shared through collaborative networks. It covers topics related to open access, open data, reproducibility, open evaluation (e.g., open peer review), open science policies, and open science tools. The seminar also focuses on topics related to diversity and inclusion. 

The seminar is directed at both novices, as well as experts in open science. We attempt to cover a broad range of topics inviting experts representing different disciplines of the social sciences, thereby emphasizing the multidisciplinarity of the seminar. 

The seminar focuses on three different formats:

1. Expert Talks
2. Workshops
3. Discussions

The seminar features contributions from researchers at all stages of their careers. We try to maintain a gender balance for invitees. All presentations and materials will be made openly available at: 


You can find the events and information about the seminars here