MSc in Business Administration - Business Psychology

The CIBP contributes to teaching in the MSc in Business Administration - Business Psychology. This Master's degree programme addresses the increasing demand for business professionals with a deep understanding of psychology in a business context. It does so by adding a business psychology specialisation on top of a solid business foundation gained at the Bachelor’s degree level. It is a cross-disciplinary programme where students meet lecturers from management, economics and psychology. To ensure professional relevance, the programme has been developed in collaboration with professionals working in areas related to business psychology.

The MSc in Business Administration - Business Psychology prepares students to perform in contemporary HR and communication functions, as organisational and change consultants, in executive management support functions, or as project managers – both within the private and public sector.

Deep psychological understanding of modern businesses

Contemporary businesses are operating in highly competitive environments and are solving increasingly complex problems requiring cooperation within and across skill sets, functions and organisations. Work is more than ever performed in teams, responsibility is largely delegated, and organisations go through major changes at an increased frequency.

As a result, it is imperative for businesses to develop a profound understanding of human behaviour and psychology to sustain their performance, ensure employee well-being, effectively implement organisational changes and communicate within organisations as well as with external stakeholders, formulate strategies for altering behaviours, and foresee the consequences of delegation.

To fulfil these needs, the first two semesters provide students with knowledge of the psychological and behavioural foundations of decision-making, communication, stakeholder relations, and moral judgement, as well as workplace psychology, behavioural design, and methods and tools relevant to business psychology. Each course in the programme is cross-disciplinary by design.

In their third semester, students are free to choose between elective subjects or an internship. Finally, students use their fourth semester to write their Master’s thesis.

Read more about admission requirements, programme structure and career here.