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AROS Seminar: Data Storytelling: How to create better visualizations with examples in R and Python

By Kenneth Enevoldsen (Aarhus University)

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fredag 7. maj 2021,  kl. 13:00 - 14:00


Zoom meeting ID 655 4886 7322

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Scientific communication increasingly takes place online, which has shifted the options for communication to increasingly rely on dynamic or interactive elements such as GIFs and interactive plots. This is on the one hand an amazing development important for interpretability of results and models and increasing transparency and on the other hand a horror show akin to the introduction of 3D bar plots. In this talk we will try to establish the fundamentals of a good visualization, examining both great and horrible visualizations and discuss how to use new options for interactivity to relay a meaningful message. For those who haven't seen it yet I strongly recommend watch Hans Rosling's wonderful presentation beforehand:

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