Undervisere og konsulenter

Tea Trillingsgaard (Host), PhD (DK), licensed clinical psychologist, Associate Professor, Aarhus University and head of the Couple and family research unit, Aarhus University. IBCT consultant

Andrew Christensen PhD (USA), licensed clinical psychologist, Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Psychology, UCLA, developer of the IBCT with a long research career and numerous research and clinical publications. IBCT developer.

Barbara M. Dausch PhD (USA), licensed clinical psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Program Manager, Family Program, Training Director, Psychology Postdoctoral Residency, at the Eastern Colorado Health Care System. IBCT trainer.

Peter A Fehrenbach, PhD (USA) licensed clinical psychologist, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, and Mentor for developing Family Programs, Department of Veterans Affairs Division of Mental Health, Family Services. IBCT trainer.

Nathan D. Tomcik PhD (USA), licensed clinical psychologist, Chief Psychologist/ Division Director, Outpatient Behavioral Health, Veteran’s Administration, Central Ohio Health Care System. IBCT trainer

Brian D. Doss PhD (USA), Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Miami, co-author of the IBCT therapist manual and developer of OurRelationship – the online adaptation of IBCT.

Jeppe Budde, authorized clinical psychologist, specialized in psychotherapy with adults (DK), owner and manager of Psykologcenter Aarhus. IBCT consultant.