(In English)

Since our inauguration conference in 2010, CON AMORE has hosted 9 conferences. Our conferences have covered a broad range of topics within autobiographical memory and related areas, such as developmental, clinical, social and comparative perspectives on autobiographical memory. The goal always is to bring together outstanding autobiographical memory researchers, representing different psychological disciplines or approaches and have each of them give a keynote address that reviews their central findings and theoretical perspective on the theme of conference.

The format of the previous conferences follows the principle: keep it simple. We have only one session, consisting of seven to ten keynote addresses throughout the days of the conference, plenty of time for discussions, and a poster session on each day. The poster sessions are always in the middle of the day with no competing sessions, in order to enable conference participants to visit the poster sessions and talk to the presenters without having to rush on to something else. We believe that the poster sessions form an important meeting place for talking and sharing findings and ideas, and maybe start new collaborations. We encourage all autobiographical memory researchers to submit poster abstracts about their most recent findings.

The CON AMORE conferences are small and friendly, with about 100-150 attendants from many different countries in the world. They often take place in June around midsummer, which also allows our international guests to experience the so-called bright nights, a truely Nordic experience.