Here you can read about the research project: SorgSkalaStudiet - development and evaluation of tools for identifying bereaved with prolonged grief disorder.


The loss of a loved one is for most a difficult and life-changing experience. The loss typically triggers a period of grief, but most bereaved find that over time it becomes easier to deal with the loss.

A small proportion of bereaved experience that the grief continues to be very stressful for a long time after the loss. It can make it difficult to thrive and function in everyday life, and these bereaved often need help dealing with their grief.

In the International Diagnostic System (ICD-11), the diagnosis of prolonged grief has been added recently in order to identify these bereaved. However, clinicians are left without reliable questionnaires and interviews that can help them identify bereaved with prolonged grief disorder.

What is the purpose of the project?

In SorgSkalaStudiet we will develop and evaluate a questionnaire and a structured clinical interview in order to be able to identify bereaved with prolonged grief disorder as well as to identify risk factors for prolonged grief disorder. In the long term this is crucial for these bereaved to be able to get the right help.

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