Unit for Bereavement Research

The purpose of the Unit for Bereavement Research (UBR) is to contribute to and promote research on natural and pathological grief reactions across the life span. There is a lack of knowledge on psychological and social reactions to a loss and the UBR therefore aims to clarify relevant aspects of natural reactions to different types of losses among different age groups. Expansions of existing theory, research, and methodology in the bereavement area are some of our main priorities.

UBR also aims to investigate prevalence and risk factors of prolonged grief disorder that has recently been included in the ICD-11, as well as to develop, test and implement new evidence-based treatment methods for prolonged grief.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods as well as theory development and dissemination of our findings is used to achieve these goals.

The Unit is the first of its kind in Denmark and has a close collaboration with The Danish National Center for Grief (Det Nationale Sorgcenter) which is financed through Satspuljemidler.

For more information go to the website: bornungesorg.dk/om-det-nationale-sorgcenter/ or on Facebook facebook.com/sorgcenter/