The life story group

We study narrative identity, the life stories people craft to connect their remembered past to their lived present and imagined future. The group consists of researchers at CON AMORE and close colleagues from other Danish research institutions. We collaborate with both national partners and international researchers.

We pursue research in the following three areas:

  1. Narrative identity and mental health. We conduct a range of studies trying to answer questions about how narrative identity is involved in well-being, mental illness, personal recovery, grief, suicidality, and work-related resilience.
  2. Vicarious stories. We study the relationship between personal and vicarious stories, that is, the stories individuals construct for others (e.g., their romantic partner, colleagues, and parents). We also examine the functions and characteristics of vicarious stories.
  3. Narrative identity and autobiographical memory. We seek to elucidate the relationship between memory and life stories, with a particular focus on memory for extended periods that serve as chapters in life stories.