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Professor Paul Lysaker from Indiana University School of Medicine

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fredag 17. marts 2017,  kl. 12:30 - 14:00


Aarhus University, Building 1342, lecture hall 455

Professor Paul Lysaker from Indiana University School of Medicine gives an open lecture with the title: Personal narratives in serious mental illness: Assessing the degree of integration vs. fragmentation in sense of self, sense of others and the use of that knowledge to respond to psychosocial challenges.


Many adults with serious mental illness experience losses or decrements in the extent to which they experience a coherent and cohesive personal identity. One view of these difficulties is that they reflect the loss of the ability to integrate information in a working and viable sense of self and others. This talk will detail a method for exploring these issues by assessing metacognition within personal narratives. Metacognition in this work refers to a spectrum of activities which includes the discrete activities by which persons notice what is happening in their minds and bodies and the more synthetic activities by which persons synthesize that information in the face of changing environmental demands. The method for eliciting these narratives will be described along with the metacognitive scoring system, the Metacognition Assessment Scale - Abbreviated. Research findings using these methods will be presented along with emerging research questions.

Everyone is welcome