The MACFIR Network

- Methodological Advancements for Child and Family Intervention Research

A network of researchers from the independent research units CEBU (Center for the Psychological Treatment of Chldren and Adolescents), CRF (Center for Alcohol and Drug Research) and COFA (the Couple and Family Research Lab) at Aarhus University aiming to develop innovative, high-quality, quantitative methods to assess the effectiveness of interventions for vulnerable children, youth and families.

As of today, most outcome research within the field of child and family interventions applies randomized controlled trials (RCT’s). However, RCTs are costly and may be unfeasible in small or hard to reach target populations. For this reason, vulnerable populations of children, youth, and families often end up underrepresented.  This network aims to expand rigorous research methodology within the field of child and family intervention beyond randomized controlled studies. Examples of methods applied or designed for in the network are Register Based Control Groups, Single-Case Experimental Designs, Adaptive Randomization, the Stepped Wedge Design, the Pragmatic Trial, and data integration between survey and register-based outcome measurements.

Mikael Thastum

Professor Psykologisk Institut

Mads Uffe Pedersen

Professor Psykologisk Institut - Center for Rusmiddelforskning

Lea Tangelev Greve

Ph.d.-studerende Psykologisk Institut

Kirsten Søndergaard Frederiksen

Adjunkt Psykologisk Institut - Center for Rusmiddelforskning