IBCT add-ons and "Specialistuddannelsen"

IBCT Workshop days in Aarhus (in Danish)

In extension of the online workshop in IBCT, a ten-hour supplementing course is held in Aarhus by Jeppe Budde, Specialized clinical psychologist and owner of Psykologcenter Aarhus, together with Astrid Bjørn Leth-Nissen, PhD. The course is held across two days and focuses on implementation of the method in psychological practice in Denmark. This course will be held in Danish.

The two course days are:

  • Thursday, 22nd February 2023, 10 AM-17 PM
  • Friday, 23th February 2023, 8-12 AM

The aim of this course is to help participants use and implement the method in their own practice. Focus will be on practicing the method through exercises and role-play from case material.

There will also be presentations on the following topics:

  • Couples with escalating conflicts and/or violence
  • Couples therapy in connection with family treatment

Credit for "Specialistuddannelsen"

Completion of the 20-hour online IBCT workshop is a prerequisite for participation in this course. The combined package of the 20-hour online workshop (with consultancy) and the 10-hour course in Aarhus is approved for DP’s specialist education (see table below for the number of hours). Due to this approval process, 75% of the available tickets for some of the consultation groups and for the 10-hour course in Aarhus are reserved for participants with a masters’ degree in psychology. The course will be offered with at least 6 registered participants and will include a maximum of 18 participants.

Godkendt til specialistuddannelse(r) Emneområde: Merit:
Specialist i Psykoterapi med voksne Anden teoretisk referenceramme (30 timer) Kognitiv/adfærdsterapeutisk 30 timer
Specialist i Sundhedspsykologi med voksne Teori og Intervention i det kliniske arbejde (90 timer) Uddannelse retning Voksne 30 timer
Specialist i Gerontopsykologi Psykoterapeutiske metoder, specifikt rettet mod ældre klienter/grupper (24 timer) A 24 timer

Price: DKK 3.200
During registration for the workshop, you can choose to receive more information about this workshop and how to sign up for it. If you have any questions, please contact Jeppe Budde. See upper right corner for contact information. 

Certification (in Danish)

In continuation of the course in IBCT, it is possible to obtain certification as an IBCT therapist if you have participated with at least 90% attendance in the 20 hours.

During the certification process, 20 hours of audio recordings from couples therapy sessions with at least two different couples are handed over. Of these, at least 8 sessions must be from the assessment phase and at least 4 from the treatment phase.

Certification process start-up – 2 sessions:

Therapist must submit

  • Video or audio recording of initial conversation with new couple
  • Video or audio recordings of the individual conversations
  • Written draft of DEEP

After this, a supervision session is held where the above is reviewed.

After the DEEP feedback to the couple, a recording of this is submitted.

After this, the second supervision session is held, where the therapist receives feedback on DEEP and makes a Treatment plan.

Price for start-up dkr 7000

Training – minimum 8 sessions:

Participation in a minimum of 8 supervisions where the therapist

  • Prepares presentation of couples and supervision focus
  • Selects 10 – 15 minutes for joint listening in the supervision

These sessions can either take place as individual supervision online or in person in Aarhus, e.g. as part of open IBCT supervision days in Aarhus.

Price dkr 1500 per session

Final certification – 1 session:

  • Therapist documents my total 20 hours of audio recording with at least two couples
  • Therapist submits selected video or audio recording of a treatment conversation with a couple
  • Therapist submits recording of assessment interviews with a couple (who were not part of the start-up)
  • Submits description of the process, presentation of the couple, DEEP and summary of sessions
  • Supervisor makes evaluation based on audio recording and submitted descriptions
  • The certification ends with a session where the therapist receives feedback and evaluation with based on the IBCT 'Fidelity and Competence' assessment scale

Price for final certification dkr 5000

Total price for the certification dkr 24,000, for total payment prior to start-up the price is a total of dkr 21,600

The start-up sessions are handled by either Tea Trillingsgaard or Jeppe Budde.

The training supervision is carried out by Jeppe Budde.

Final certification is carried out by Tea Trillingsgaard.

During registration for the workshop, you can choose to receive more information about this consultancy process and how to sign up for it.