Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

The Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences is part of Aarhus BSS, one of the five faculties at Aarhus University. The department carries out research and teaching within all of the important fields of psychology and contributes with research and knowledge exchange for society at large. Researchers from the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences are part of close national and international collaborations and have a strong tradition for collaborating with researchers from many different academic areas.



Professor Jan Tønnesvang. Photo: Tine Bagger

2019.11.19 | Aarhus BSS

New project to help young people towards a youth education

Professor Jan Tønnesvang from Aarhus BSS is part of a new project called Sportucation. The project will help young people in eight to tenth grade at risk of not obtaining a secondary education.

From the teaching in Norway. Photo: Tea Trillingsgaard.

2019.11.08 | Aarhus BSS

Relationship check-up now offered in Norway

Researchers Tea Trillingsgaard and Hanne Fentz from the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus BSS are working on a project that offers a relationship check-up to couples (the Par-tjek project). The offer has been developed and tested at Aarhus University in collaboration with the Centre for Family Development. A new central…

PHOTO: Amy Reed on Unsplash

2019.08.08 | Research news

Women do not believe in career luck

What does it take to get a management position? Most people would probably say that you need good skills and a good CV. It also helps to have a strong network and a bit of luck by being in the right place at the right time. But not everyone shares this view. In fact, men and women from different parts of the world have very different ideas about…


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