MapPlan - evidens-based substance use disorder treatment

MapPlan is a project with several sub-projects, all of which contribute to the systematic collection of data from people who are being treated for harmful drug and alcohol use. The data collected will be used both for research and to ensure that citizens are offered holistic treatment for harmful substance use.


The overall aim of MapPlan is to develop a documentation system whereby alcohol and drug counselors collect data that treatment centers and municipal decision-makers can use when planning and making decisions on treatment for harmful substance use, both individual treatment courses and at group level. Another purpose is to collect data that can be used for research.


MapPlan supports §101 of the Social Service Act that stipulates that local authorities must offer treatment for harmful substance use based on a holistic identification of the citizen's problems and needs and a treatment plan based hereon.
In general, there is a "data-gathering fatigue" among employees in the social and health professions. The data collected by practitioners and administrative staff often disappears into databases and is not used afterwards. This can make it difficult to adapt the treatment to the individual patient, to organize the work at the treatment centers and to use data for research. With the MapPlan project, we offer programs for systematic data collection. We will also examine how employees at alcohol and drug treatment centers experience the data collection and how they use this data in their practice. Finally, it is a goal to continuously ensure that the data is useful for research and to develop and improve treatment for harmful substance use.


MapPlan is a contraction of the words ' mapping ' and ' planning '. At Centre for Alcohol and Drug research we give access to the mapping tools Youth MAP, Adult Map and ASI and show examples of treatment plans on the website

Furthermore we:
 • Teach and support leaders and practitioners who use MapPlan
 • Deliver reports containing data on group level that can be used by decision-makers 
 • Examine the practioners’ experiences with MapPlan. Both managers, counsellors, users and non-users 
 • Analyse registry data on citizens in treatment for harmful substance use 
 • Examine whether MapPlan increases or decreases the municipalities expenses


The MapPlan project is funded by the National Board of Social Services.