COMDAT - Combined drug and alcohol treatment

COMDAT is a project that examines new ways to organize treatment in collaboration with four outpatient treatment settings that address substance use disorders in Denmark. This part of the COMDAT project examines how the MOVE treatment method works as a group treatment for adults in treatment for harmful alcohol or substance use.

MOVE is a treatment method that combines Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Contingency management.

The aim of COMDAT is:

  1. To adapt the MOVE/Youth method (a-d) to adult patients seeking treatment for harmful drug and/or alcohol use.
  2. To compare the effect of MOVE as an individual treatment (MOVE-I) with MOVE as a group treatment (MOVE-G)


Studies suggest that it may be beneficial both financially and in terms of treatment effects to treat patients in groups rather than individually. Especially when it comes to social well-being. In recent years, the organization of drug treatment has changed significantly. Increasingly, drug and alcohol treatment are being merged in the municipalities, and the same treatment counselors treat patients with harmful drug and alcohol use together. At the same time, studies suggests that it may be financially beneficial to run group treatment rather than individual treatment while patients. This calls for new ways to organize treatment and develop methods appropriate to accommodate these organization.

The MOVE treatment approach has shown good effects in individual treatment for young patients enrolled in drug treatment. This project will adapt the method to a group session ? that combine alcohol and drug treatment.


The COMDAT study examines and compares the effects of two different treatment methods for patients over 18 years of age:

  1. MOVE-I: MOVE method as an individual course of treatment
  2. MOVE-G: MOVE method as a combination of individual and group sessions

The project is being carried out in collaboration with four municipal treatment centers. In total, we invite around 200 people who would like to be treated for their alcohol use and/or drug use to participate. The two types of treatment will be included in a randomized controlled trial where the MOVE-I is compared with MOVE-G.
For all participants, the treatment course consists of a total of 14 sessions with six months after care, during which the contact to the treatment center gradually scales down.

The project will be completed in the end of 2022.


COMDAT is funded by Trygfonden.