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Søren Staugaard. Photo: AU Photo

2015.05.22 | Reseach news

Two-year postdoc grant for Søren Staugaard

Søren Risløv Staugaard has been awarded a two-year postdoc grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities.

New book: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

2015.03.23 | Reseach news

New book: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

by Lynn A. Watson (Editor), Dorthe Berntsen (Editor)

2015.02.02 | People

Researcher from BSS collaborates with student counsellor at ST to further student welfare

In collaboration with Professor Jan Tønnesvang from BSS, psychologist Sanne Schou has developed a new counselling framework for students at ST. The goal is to help the students stay dedicated to their studies and to further student welfare.

2015.01.28 | Reseach news

Research on anti-extremism efforts draws visitors from all over the world to AU

Anti-extremism research at Aarhus University is currently receiving a lot of attention from countries around the world. Representatives from several embassies are eager to pay visits to the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences to learn more about the so-called “Aarhus programme”.

2015.01.19 | Reseach news

Think constructively and recover more quickly from a relationship-breakup

People with a general tendency to brood have more unwanted and disturbing thoughts, and they have a harder time recovering from a relationship break-up – whereas people who think constructively and reflectively about the relationship with their ex-partner recover more quickly.


Fri 05 Jun
11:00-13:00 | Auditorium 455, building 1342, University campus
PhD Defence by Mari Svendsen
Defence titel: Leadership and voice behaviour: Under which conditions do leadership predict voice most efficiently?
Tue 29 Sep
09:00-14:00 | Aarhus University
Ethnic minority youth, drugs, gangs and street life
On 29 September – 1 October 2015, the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research hosts the international conference: Ethnic minority youth, drugs, gangs and street life. The Centre welcomes researchers from a wide spectra of disciplines to participate in the conference.
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