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In the Impulsive Lifestyle Counselling programme, crime and impulsive behaviour are seen as a way of life rather than a diagnosis. Foto: Colourbox

2016.04.14 | Research news

Self-understanding helps criminal substance abusers

Researchers from Aarhus BSS have developed the treatment programme Impulsive Lifestyle Counselling, which helps substance abusers who also suffer from impulsive and criminal behaviour.

Personality influences degree programme choices and grades. Photo: AU Foto

2016.02.12 | Research news

Personality influences degree programme choices and grades

Our personality matters in relation to what degree programme we choose and how well we perform. Researchers from Aarhus BSS explore in what way.

Book a Researcher 2016.

2016.02.10 | Research news

Book a Researcher 2016 – you can still make it

Deadline for lecture registration is the 26th of February, so you can still make it!

Anna Vedel. Foto AU Foto

2016.02.01 | Aarhus BSS

Danish research mentioned in the Atlantic

New research by PhD student Anna Vedel, Aarhus BSS, has just been mentioned in the American magazine The Atlantic. The study is a systematic account of 12 studies that explore the correlation between personality and choice of degree programme.

International students at Aarhus University are doing just as fine as their Danish fellow students recording to new research. Photo: AU Foto

2016.01.08 | Research news

International students thriving at Aarhus University

International students at Aarhus University are doing just as fine as their Danish fellow students. Especially if they have a good social network, are not subjected to discrimination and have good English skills.


Wed 22 Jun
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus University
Travelling in Time - The construction of past and future events across domains
The ability to remember past events and imagine events in the future is considered important, not only in its own right, but also in relation to other mental processes, such as planning, self-regulation, identity, mind wandering and creativity. We bring together some of the most outstanding researchers in these areas to present their key findings...
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