Autobiographical Memory and the Self

International conference, 20-21 June 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark

05.07.2017 | Heidi Eskegaard Jensen

The relation between autobiographical memory and the self has intrigued researchers for decades. This complex relationship has been studied from an abundance of perspectives, including philosophical, social, neural, developmental, cultural and clinical perspectives. There is strong evidence that our current sense of self, our goals and attitudes, affect how we remember and construct our personal past, and that our personal memories help us to maintain a positive sense of self. Yet, many questions are left unresolved. Although our memories and sense of self are intertwined, they are also somewhat independent phenomena. For example, not all memory loss affects our sense of self. Thus, exactly how should this relationship be understood?

We believe that there is a need to bring together these different literatures and explore a variety of perspectives on Autobiographical Memory and the Self. We invite all researchers to submit abstracts for poster presentations describing some of their most recent and exciting findings concerning autobiographical memory. Please note we welcome poster abstracts from many different areas in relation to autobiographical memory.

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