CON AMORE 2020 Celebration Symposium: Ten years as a DNRF Center of Excellence

September 9th 2020 at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Building 1630-1632, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C 

We are celebrating 10 years of research on autobiographical memory and 10 years as a Center of Excellence generously funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. The day will involve presentations of the CON AMORE’s past and present research from a multitude of perspectives, with exciting talks and posters from both senior- and junior researchers, current members of CON AMORE as well as alumnae.

Since its inauguration in 2010, CON AMORE has developed into a leading research center that has met a growing international need for developing and integrating theoretical and empirical research on autobiographical memory.  CON AMORE has produced a number of critical insights and moved autobiographical memory research in important new directions. We have studied autobiographical memory from a biological to a cultural level, from young childhood to old age and from healthy cognition to clinical disorders. CON AMORE is the first DNRF Center of Excellence in psychology in Denmark. It is one of the few Centers of Excellence in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

We want to recognize CON AMORE’s accomplishments and share our visions for the future on the CON AMORE 2010-2020 celebration symposium.

Please note that due to the Danish authorities' measures to prevent spread of the coronavirus disease the number of participants allowed at the symposium will be limited. Therefore, the event will be open only to invited participants.

We are closely following the recommendations from the Danish Government and measures taken by Aarhus University regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The CON AMORE 2020 symposium will be held only if it does not conflict with these measures. 

Some of CON AMORE's Postdocs and PhD students enjoying the beach at a CON AMORE retreat in Grenaa.
Photo: Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman