Troubleshooting (App)

Please rapport any technical problems you may have had by using the app


The app is optimized for the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. It is optimized for computer screens but may (by swiping) work on smartphone screens as well.

If the app does not start or work properly, you may try to reset the browser cache. In Chrome: Locate the three small dots in upper right corner > click “more tools” > click delete browsing data

If the app will not let you save your work, please try to set your browser to accept third-party cookies. Do this in Chrome:

Danish Chrome / Accepter tredjeparts cookies: 

  • Klik på de tre små dots oppe i højre hjørne
  • Vælg 'Indstillinger'
  • gå over i venstre side til menuen og vælg 'Vis avancerede indstillinger'.
  • Under ’Sikkerhed og Privatliv’ klikker du på 'Indstillinger for websites"
  • Klik på ’Cookies og website data’
  • Slå ’Bloker cookies fra tredjepart’ fra

English Chrome / Accept third party cookies:

  • In upper right corner: clickt the three dots
  • Choose "settings"
  • On left side of the screen choose "advanced"
  • Choose "privacy and security"
  • Choose "site settings"
  • Choose "cookies and site data"
  • uncheck "Block third party cookies"