Workshop: Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy

This workshop can empower your work with couples, whether you are a licensed psychologist, family therapist or trained professional in related areas. You will learn well-established assessment techniques and effective intervention strategies that have proved helpful to couples. You will join the 10,000 + clinicians around the world, who have been trained in Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy.


IBCT is a relatively recent evidence-based approach to couple therapy. It is rooted in behavioral couple therapy but has integrated the concept of emotional acceptance as a therapeutic target. Within the field of cognitive-behavioral interventions, it is classified as a “third-wave” intervention.

Who will lead this workshop?

The IBCT workshop is hosted by Associate Professor Tea Trillingsgaard at Aarhus University and led by Professor Andrew Christensen from UCLA (the developer of IBCT).  A team of several expert IBCT trainers and consultants will conduct the training. The workshop consists of five online trainings lasting 4 hours each. All trainings begin at 17 PM in Denmark (GMT+2), so it is possible to attend if you are situated in either Europe or the US.

How will the workshop be conducted?

Conducted online over zoom, this workshop  will include lectures, video demonstrations of IBCT, role-play exercises, and question and answer discussions as well as breaks at fixed time points. You can register for small-group consultancy (in English or Danish) during the zoom training. Read more about the practical information here

What credits will be offered?

All participants with at least 90% participation will receive a course certificate. When combining the zoom workshop with consultancy and an additional 10-hours workshop in Aarhus, up to 30 hours of credit is earned toward  “Specialistuddannelsen” for Danish psychologists. Read more about this under “IBCT add-ons and “Specialistuddannelsen”.
For Danish speaking participants, other add-ons to the zoom workshop are available, see here.

What is the cost?

Early bird prices (before 1st of December)

  • 20-hour workshop participation: DKK 3.500
  • 20-hour workshop participation with consultancy: DKK 4.800
  • 20-hour workshop participation - student (without consultancy): DKK: 1.750

Regular prices:

  • 20-hour workshop participation: DKK 4.400
  • 20-hour workshop participation with consultancy: DKK 6.000
  • 20-hour workshop participation - student (without consultancy): DKK 2.200

IBCT consultant and workshop host

Tea Trillingsgaard

Associate Professor

Aarhus BSS

IBCT developer and workshop leader

Andrew Christensen