Researchers working in a substance use treatment centre

Researchers from Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (CRF) are collaborating with the Gladsaxe Substance Use Treatment Centre to gain knowledge about clinical practices with the aim of developing new ideas for improving the treatment of people suffering from substance use disorders.


With this project, we wish to explore more opportunities for collaborations between research and clinical practice within the field of substance use. It is our hope that such collaborations will help us to develop a process in which we can assist  the treatment arena that involves so many dedicated people and room for improvement.


Treatment research is closely linked to clinical practice. In order to contribute to the ongoing qualification of substance abuse treatment services, it is crucial that research and clinical practice remain open and inquisitive about each other, prioritizing exchange and collaboration. One of the objectives of the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research is to develop and test substance abuse treatment interventions and to study cross-sector collaboration. As researchers from the CRF become an integral part of everyday life in municipal outpatient treatment centers, possibilities arise to allow us to remain updated on clinical practices, and how research may be transferred, in the most effective way, from research to a busy workday environment

The study

Psychologist Morten Hesse and psychologist Birgitte Thylstrup, both associate professors at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, have entered into collaboration with Gladsaxe Treatment Centre. Over the next two years, they will work as consultants one day a week, learning about clinical practice and being available for discussion, idea development, and qualification of treatment. As part of the project, they will take part in the day-to-day services at the Centre, supporting the identification of important areas for development in collaboration with the staff and the enrolled citizens.

The study was initiated August 2017 and runs til December 2019. 


The project is funded by Gladsaxe Municipality.


The project is a collaborative project between Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research and Gladsaxe Municipality. In addition, the Gladsaxe Municipality and The Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapeutic Development, part of Psychotherapeutic Centre Stolpegården, will collaborate on optimising psychotherapeutic services for people with substance use disorders and concurrent non-psychotic mental illness. It is expected that the project over time will be part of this objective to ensure successful follow-up and support in relation to this intersectorial collaboration.