Young minority women and the Danish alcohol culture


How do young women with ethnic minority background relate to party and alcohol culture in Denmark?


In this PhD project, the purpose is to investigate how young women with ethnic minority backgrounds relate to and participate in the widespread party and alcohol culture that is present among young people in Denmark. One focus will be on the dilemmas that emerge for these women, when, for example, they are navigating between conflicting expectations from their family on one side and their peers on the other side.



Within Danish research, there has not been an explicit focus on ethnic minorities in party and alcohol contexts. Research on minority women has in addition to this, often concentrated on more private spheres such as marriage and social control in the family, and therefore it is interesting to investigate the less private and more social part of life, that unfolds in a party and alcohol context for this group of people.


The study

The project is based on interviews and ethnographic fieldwork among young (18-30 years old) minority women in Denmark, with a particular emphasis on nightlife contexts. The women have been recruited from a variety of sources and therefore they represent several national and ethnic family backgrounds, different educations and jobs as well as various more or less urban upbringings. In the project, the researcher is among other things interested in the different social positions occupied by these women, with a particular emphasis on gender, ethnicity and religion, and how these positions are actualised in party and alcohol contexts. In the project, she expounds on and analyses the various intersections that are evident among these women, and which effects and dominates the ways they act and relate to being young among other youngsters.

The project was initiated February 1st 2016 and concludes no later than February 1st 2020.


The project is a PhD project and is financed by Aarhus BSS Graduate School, Aarhus University