Social Work

Study of how citizens with social problems experience social marginalisation and how social work for socially marginalised people is practised by service providers in Denmark.


In this PhD-project, we investigate how municipal service providers help socially marginalised people and how social work gains influence in socially marginalised people’s life. Furthermore, we focus on exploring social marginalisation as a contemporary societal phenomenon.


Social work for socially marginalised people has been the object of increased attention. Politicians and administrators have been increasingly interested in measuring the results of social work. This has meant an increased focus on the actual performance and content of social work. Qualitative research in social work for socially marginalised people in Denmark has, since the end of 1990s, mostly focused on the encounter and practice between ‘the system’ (service providers) and ‘the client,’ which has left intermixing factors such as policies and economical, juridical and administrative demands underexposed.

The study

The project is based on a series of interviews with social workers and service providers as well as conducting fieldwork in two municipal services for socially marginalised people.

The project ends June 2018.


The project is part of the research project ’Services to Socially Marginalised People’ which is supported by the Danish Independent Research Fund


Center for Drug and Alcohol Research, Aarhus Universitet: Associate Professor Bagga Bjerge (Project manager), Assistant Professor Jeppe Oute and ph.d.-fellow: Louise Christensen.