Cannabis cultivation in Denmark 2020-2021

Research project on cannabis cultivation and the development of cultivation among people who grow cannabis for their own consumption, for sharing amongst friends or a small clientele. The study is part of a larger international study.


The study is a follow-up of a questionnaire on cannabis cultivation from 2012 among people in 11 countries, and the aim is  to study developments of cannabis cultivation. Are we going to see any differences or similarities between 2012 and 2020-2021? Have new cultivation methods been introduced?

Is there a difference in the reasons why people grow cannabis? Will changes in legislation be reflected in the 2020-2021 results, with decriminalization and legalization taking place in more countries? Will we see an increase in cannabis cultivation for medicinal use? It is questions like these what we hope to answer.



In 2012 the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium (GCCRC) which consist of researchers from around the world launched the very first comparative questionnaire on cannabis cultivation.

The study took place in 11 countries, including Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Australia and England. The purpose was to create knowledge about cultivation patterns and to investigate growers’ own experiences with home cultivation including advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis at home. Most of those who responded to the questionnaire grew 1-20 plants and did so primarily for themselves and/or for a small circle of buyers.

The 2020-2021 study is also created by the GCCRC-group and currently takes place in 16 countries in 11 different languages (Danish, Finnish, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Georgian etc.)

The study

The data collection takes place via an online questionnaire developed by the GCCRC. 
Fill out the questionnaire Participation is anonymous.

In the questionnaire we ask questions about:

  • People’s experience with growing cannabis
  • Which methods they use
  • How much cannabis they cultivate/grow
  • For what purpose they grow cannabis
  • Whether they cultivate cannabis alone or with others
  • If they have had experiences with the police
  • Whether they give or share some of their cannabis with others

The questionnaire takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and participation is anonymous. We do not collect any personally information or IP addresses.

The study takes place from 1 August 2020 to 1 July 2022