New books

Evolution og adfærdspsykologi

The book is edited by  Henrik Høgh-Olsen and  Thomas Dalsgaard.

The book is in Danish 


En ny forståelse

The book is edited by Dion Sommer 

The book is in Danish  


Professionel Kontakt i Samtalebehandling
The book is edited by Thomas Iversen og Nicole K. Rosenberg


The book is in Danish.

Et godt nok greb om tilværelsen
The book is written by Preben Bertelsen

The book is in Danish.

Integrativ Gestalt Praksis
The book is written by Mikael Sonne og Jan Tønnesvang.

The book is in Danish.

Barn i senmoderniteten

The book is written by Dion Sommer.

Fakbokforlaget, Norge. August 2012.

Read more at (search: Dion Sommer). The book is in Norwegian.

Psykologisk ilt
This book is written by Jan Tønnesvang & Maria S. Ovesen (red.).

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Personlighedens positioner
Angst og grænseløshed i person og kultur
The book is written by Henrik Høgh-Olesen

- En metode til undersøgelse af psykologiske fænomener

The book is made by: Martin Pedersen, Jacob Klitmøller og Klaus Nielsen, James Spradley, Charlotte Jonasson, Lisbeth Grønborg, Thomas Szulevicz, Svend Brinkmann, Lene Tanggaard, Søren Kristiansen, Dorte Kousholt og Charlotte Højholt, Mariane Hedegaard, Carsten Rene Jørgensen and Peter Musaeus.

Dion Sommer

A Childhood Psychology is a truly unique contribution to the field of childhood psychology. By interrogating the key questions lying at the heart of this rapidly changing field, it provides fresh and bold insights that are accompanied by original analysis and an interdisciplinary approach.

Packed with new developments and delivered with clarity, the book challenges our assumptions about childhood in modern society, scrutinises contemporary trends in international research, and outlines controversial challenges to traditional paradigms. Sommer's valuable insights into developmental and childhood psychology will be of particular interest to students and researchers of psychology, anthropology, cultural studies and sociology.

'Dion Sommer does a great service by localising children's development and socialization in our rapidly changing times. From a Scandinavian outlook on the world early in the 21st century, the author provides a highly refreshing account. New stimulating conceptual understandings and interdisciplinary research is presented in order to explain young children's 'new realities'. It is a highly well-timed reflective contextual approach proposing a paradigm shift.' – Professor Michael Cole, University of California, San Diego, USA.


  • Introduction: Why and How a Childhood Psychology
  • A Childhood Psychology - A Paradigm Shift
  • A Changing Young Childhood - Beliefs Provoked and Theory Challenged
  • Young Children's Culture Acquisition - Competencies and Learning
  • Parenting I - Emergent Themes and Trends
  • Parenting II - Emergent Father Involvement?
  • Early Emergence of the Self - Socioaffective Competencies
  • A Childhood Psychology - Conclusions and Future Perspectives

DION SOMMER is Professor of Developmental Psychology, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, at School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University.