Februar 2011

Kristina Schoemmel has started as PhD Fellow, working on a part of a project on commitment to multiple foci

September 2010

Maj Schøler Fausing has started as PhD Fellow.

January 2010

Hans Jeppe Jeppesen, Thomas Jønsson & Mark Shevlin “Employee attitudes to the distribution of organizational influence: Who should have most influence? Accepted for publication in Economic and Industrial Democracy

December 2009

Hans Jeppe Jeppesen & Thomas Jønsson ”Participation as organizational praxis” (in Danish), PSYKE & LOGOS, 30, 2, 2009, 432-452.

December 2009

Ellen Barsett Magnus “Global teams and Global competences” (In Danish), PSYKE & LOGOS, 30, 2, 2009, 471-492.

December 2009

Vivi Bach Pedersen “Work-Life Interaction comprehended from an influence approach – a road to synthesis” (in Danish), PSYKE & LOGOS, 30, 2, 2009, 632-651.

December 2009

Ellen Barsett Magnus has sent in her PhD Dissertation ”Social Complexity in Global teams and Global Competence Development” to be assessed.

November 2009

Hans Jeppe Jeppesen and Thomas Jønsson participated in the Third OPEN (organization Participation European Network) research seminar at Lisbon University Institute, ISCTE, Portugal with the following presentations:

Thomas Jønsson & Hans Jeppe Jeppesen, ”Applying self-determination theory in two diverse contexts: Comparisons of motivation in an individualistic and socially oriented culture”.

Hans Jeppe Jeppesen & Thomas Jønsson, “The importance of comprehending organizational participation from both an experienced, applied and desired dimension”.