OPEN (Organizational Participation European Network). A research network for Psychologist consisting of participants from different European Universities: Leeds University, Innsbruck University, Technical University of Dresden, Lisbon University Institute, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki, Rostock University, Aarhus University. Coordinators of the network are professor Juergen Wegge, Technical University of Dresden and professor Hans Jeppe Jeppesen Aarhus University

Flexible Master of Public Governance (FMOL in Danish) is a new Master education established in 2009. The education is organized by the Faculties of Social Science from Arhus University and Southern Danish University. People from LINOR participate in the education by teaching about “Organizational and Leadership Psychology”. Hans Jeppe Jeppesen is member of the Steering Committee of the master education and coordinator of the different seminars / modules involving psychology.