Workshop: Ethnographic Perspectives on Policing and Experiences of Policing in a Context of Administrative Change

The Ethnographic Research into Public Sector Reform Network is funded by the Danish Council of Independent Research, and the aim of the network is to bring together scholars with backgrounds in Anthropology, Political Science, Public Management, and Business Administration who share a comparative and ethnographic approach to the study of public sector reform and development.

16.01.2017 | Anne Øster Marcussen

Dato ons 22 mar tor 23 mar
Tid 11:00    13:00
Sted Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University

This second thematic workshop focus on policing as there has recently been a growing scholarly interest in ethnographic studies of policing. Much of this research has taken place in a societal context of police reforms, administrative changes, new forms of partnership policing and the development of new police practices, methods and instruments. In the seminar we will discuss key insights of some of this research and we will consider the contribution and challenges of conducting ethnographically based research on policing compared to more traditional criminological police research. This, in turn, will also enable discussions about how the study of policing can be used as a prism through which we can understand more general organizational, administrative and societal changes. More specifically, the seminar will address issues like: The use of discretion within the police force; Citizens experiences of targeted police practices like ‘stop and search’; Ethnicity and policing; Methodological challenges; and Partnership policing.


For more information on the workshop please contact professor Torsten Kolind or associate professor Bagga Bjerge

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