General tourist information for visiting researchers


Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. You can read more about Aarhus and the history of the city HERE

Information about attractions, hotels, current events etc. can be found at the Visit Aarhus website

Aarhus University was established in 1928. You can read more about the history of the university HERE

The university is known for its beautiful architecture. Aarhus University’s buildings and the University Park in Aarhus are listed among the 12 most important architectural icons in Denmark in the Canon of Danish Art and Culture. You can read more about the architecture at Aarhus University HERE

Find your way around campus by using the building map

CON AMORE Mini Guide

The CON AMORE Mini Guide to Aarhus can be downloaded HERE   


Public transportation is generally well organized and reliable

If you need to travel by train or bus you can plan your journey in Denmark, locally and nationally (choose English or German in the upper right corner) HERE

Specifically for the buses in Aarhus: It is possible to buy a ticket on board the bus (DKK 20,00 for 2 zones).

The following buses go through downtown Aarhus and stop close to the university (from Park Allé - opposite the City Hall):

Rute 1 A towards Lystrup-Trige
Rute 12 towards Mejlby
Rute 13 towards Mejlby
Rute 14 towards Skejbyparken
Rute 16 towards Hasle
Rute 18 towards Elev-Mejlby
Rute 100 towards Hornslet
Rute 200 towards Hinnerup

The bus company website (Midttrafik) in Englishe can be found HERE

A map of the bus stops in Park Allé/City Hall and outside the train station can be found HERE