DanRIS – Danish Registration- and InformationSystem


DanRIS – Danish Registration- and InformationSystem


Since May 2000 Center for Alcohol and Drug Research (CRF), Aarhus Universitet , has been working to implement a registration and monitoring system at Danish institutions for inpatient substance abuse treatment. The project aims to:

  • Offer the institutions software for self-evaluation and documentation of treatment practises thus enabling them to alter unsuccessful strategies.
  • Make more rational and successful matching strategies possible, when authorities refer clients to different types of institutions.
  • Establish a national database of drug abusers in treatment
  • Compare Danish inpatient treatment to that of other countries through the European Addiction Severity Index (EuropASI) and other data
  • Develop a monitoring system, which makes the identification of specific group of drug abusers with specific problems and living conditions possible, and establishing research projects, where specific groups of drug abuser are tracked for extended periods of time. E.g. drug abuser, for whom treatment is an alternative to imprisonment, drug abuser with different patterns of abuse, drug abusers with severe social, physical or mental problems etc.

In 2003 inpatient treatment of alcohol abusers was included in DanRIS, where they were registered for three years. On January first The National Register of Alcohol Abuse Treatment (NAB) was established by The National Board of Health, who took over the registration of inpatient treatment of alcohol abusers.

In June 2004 the Ministry of Social Affairs decided to make registration in DanRIS mandatory for institutions, which received public funding for treatment. Cf. Bekendtgørelse nr. 768 af 27. juni 2007 om retssikkerhed og administration på det sociale område, as changed by executive order no. 1171, 9th of October 2007.

More than 13.000 clients in drug treatment are registered in DanRIS (January, 2010).